Fatty Liver Diet Cookbook

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Page : 124 pages

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LOSE WEIGHT, REVERSE FATTY LIVER DISEASE AND LIVE HEALTHY Nearly one-third of Americans have fatty liver disease. But because fatty liver is typically asymptomatic (doesn't show symptoms) in the early stages so most of the people are unaware they have it. In fact, the majority of fatty liver cases are found incidentally, during medical imaging tests for unrelated conditions. Unfortunately, this means many cases are not discovered until the late stages, when it's harder to treat and cirrhosis has already developed. That's why everyone should be informed about health conditions as it is easy to prevent many of them when you have the right info. One of the easiest and effective approach to prevent or manage the disease is through lifestyle changes including exercise and dieting. The liver fatty diet is a healthy eating approach that can help you lose weight, reverse fatty liver disease and boost your overall health. Dieting and making a good food choice is easier said than done, we know, which is why we've put together some delicious healthy recipes and meal plan that can help you reach your weight goals, combat a fatty liver and live health. In this book, you'll get to learn What fatty liver disease is and its different form Fatty liver rare symptoms Symptoms, causes and diagnosis Prevention of fatty liver Fatty liver diet 7-day fatty liver diet meal plan Lots of delicious recipes and much more... Take action now and learn about this disease because it is a prevalent one. Know how to combat it with healthy diet. Your liver is one of the most important organ in your body and needs to be taken care of. Act right away and GET A COPY NOW!

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