Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Improving Healthcare Systems

Publisher : Springer Nature

ISBN-13 : 3030729737

Page : 240 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 737 voters

This book presents simulation as an essential, powerful tool to develop the best possible healthcare system for patients. It provides vital insights into the necessary steps for supporting and enhancing medical care through the simulation methodology. Organized into four sections, the book begins with a discussion on the overarching principles of simulation and systems. Section two then delves into the practical applications of simulation, including developing new workflows, utilizing new technology, building teamwork, and promoting resilience. Following this, section three examines the transition of ideas and initiatives into everyday practices. Chapters in this section analyze complex interpersonal topics such as how healthcare clinical stakeholders, simulationists, and experts who are non-clinicians can collaborate. The closing section explores the potential future directions of healthcare simulation, as well as leadership engagement. A new addition to the Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation Series, Improving Healthcare Systems stimulates the critical discussion of new and innovative concepts and reinforces well-established and germane principles.

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