Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Volume 7 - Self-Improving Systems

Publisher : U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command – Soldier Center

ISBN-13 : 099772577X

Page : 194 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 77X voters

This book on self-improving systems is the seventh in a planned series of books that examine key topics (e.g., learner modeling, instructional strategies, authoring, domain modeling, assessment, impact on learning, team tutoring, self-improving systems, data visualization) in intelligent tutoring system (ITS) design. This book focuses on self-improving systems. The discussion chapters in this book examine topics through the lens of the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT). GIFT is a modular, service-oriented architecture created to reduce the cost and skill required to author ITSs, distribute ITSs, manage instruction within ITSs, and evaluate the effect of ITS technologies on learning, performance, retention, transfer of skills, and other instructional outcomes.

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