Dollars & Sense

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN-13 : 0595281346

Page : 148 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 346 voters

What readers say... ..".written with clarity, humor, with sage advice, sometimes with a philosophical foray into the world beyond finances, and often with a fictional example that grabs the imagination." --Henry Donaghy, Professor of English ..".turns black ink into black gold...insightful thinking and a wealth of information...Enjoy...and you'll say. "Wow! I didn't know that!" as I have many times." --Martin F. Jue, President MFJ Enterprises ..".extremely informative...up-to-date information...useful for my financial planning...recommend to all who are concerned about financial planning and retirement matters." --Richard D. Koshel, University Dean, Professor of Physics "Think money is dull? Read Sacristen...informative: logical...helpful...Best of all...well written and eminently readable...entertaining...Read. Enjoy. And profit. You'll be glad you did." --Norma Williamson, Author, "Monday People" "Financial planning can be very intimidating, so we procrastinate...easy-to-read examples and descriptions...that simplify financial planning. I encourage everyone to read his book and begin financial planning, now." --John E. Forde, Assistant Professor, Communications ""Everyone learns from experience. The wise learn from the experience of others."" --Democritus

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