Empathy-Based Ethics

Publisher : Springer Nature

ISBN-13 : 3030648044

Page : 150 pages

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This book explores a new way of applying clinical ethics. Empathy-based ethics is based on the patient–doctor relationship and seeks to encourage a more humane form of medical practice. The author argues that the current emphasis on the biomedical model of medicine and a detached concern form of professionalism have damaged the patient–doctor relationship. He investigates examples of the dehumanization of patients and demonstrates a contrasting view of humane care. The book presents empathy as a relational construct - it provides an in-depth analysis of the process of empathizing. It discusses an empathy-based ethics approach underpinned by clinical examples of the practical application of this new approach. It suggests how empathy-based ethics can be embedded in clinical practice, medical education and research. The book concludes by examining the challenges in implementing such an approach and looks to a future which redresses the current imbalance between biomedical and psychosocial approaches to medicine.

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