Histories and Fallacies

Publisher : Crossway

ISBN-13 : 143352080X

Page : 192 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 80X voters

Recent years have brought about a crisis of confidence in the historical profession, leading increasing numbers of readers to ask the question: “How can I know that the stories told by a historian are reliable?” Histories and Fallacies is a primer for those seeking guidance through conceptual and methodological problems in the discipline of history. Historian Carl Trueman presents a series of classic historical problems as a way to examine what history is, what it means, and how it can be told and understood. Each chapter in Histories and Fallacies gives an account of a particular problem, examines a classic example of that problem, and then suggests a solution or approach that will bear fruit. Readers who come to understand the question of objectivity through an examination of Holocaust denial or interpretive frameworks through Marxism will not just be learning theory but will already be practicing fruitful approaches to history. Histories and Fallacies guides both readers and writers of history away from dead ends and methodological mistakes, and into a fresh confidence in the productive nature of the historical task.

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