Fire, Fire, Fire on the Flight Deck Aft; This Is Not a Drill

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN-13 : 1546248579

Page : 898 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 579 voters

In March of 1967, Ken Killmeyer became a crew member of USS Forrestal CVA-59, the first of the super aircraft carriers. In 1995, Ken was offered the position of historian of the USS Forrestal Association. During his time as a historian, Ken began collecting personal experience narratives of crew members who were aboard along with him during the worst naval disaster to befall a ship since World War II. Ken has combined those stories with USS Forrestals deck logs and the official investigation report into the cause of the Forrestal fire and has given the reader an undeniable window into this devastating event. Ken takes the reader on a journey like none other, from high above the busy flight deck on the navigation bridge down to deep within Forrestals hull in the hot, steamy engine rooms. The reader will hear from the crew in their own words what they experienced before, during, and after this most tragic day in the lives of USS Forrestals Westpac 1967 crew. Further interest in USS Forrestal can be obtained using the following source: USS Forrestal Association Inc.,, USS Forrestal CVA-59, CV-59, and AVT-59, USS Forrestal CV-59 USS Forrestal AVT-59 Decommission USS Forrestal Crew Members

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