Publisher : Inkwell Productions

ISBN-13 : 9780971815520

Page : 96 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 520 voters

Robert Jacoby, M.S., author, artist, and counselor, brings to you the instruction manual for the heart. Gamemaster is the astounding story that is leaving a profound impact and changing the lives of everyone it reaches. Gamemaster brings you two books in one. The first, the spellbinding mystical tale of one soul's search for the truth, purpose of living, and the meaning of Love. The second, the Gamemaster Manual, is the instructions for The Game of Life and Love. Even more amazingit is the instructions for YOUR LIFE! And now YOU are the next one to join the adventure! But, are you ready to become a Gamemaster?

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Robert Jacoby, M.S., author, artist, and counselor, brings to you the instruction manual for the heart. Gamemaster is the astounding story that is leaving a pro
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