But Wait! There's More! (Maybe)

Publisher : Omegacom, Inc.

ISBN-13 : 1436330920

Page : 445 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 920 voters

But Wait! There's More! (maybe) is the story of how the great and glamorous American Advertising Magic Show became a $500 billion global business, doomed itself in an ocean of corporate funny money and now struggles amid mounting chaos to be born anew in the Internet-driven media revolution of the 21st Century. The authors, both veterans of Adland's Golden Age, describe and illuminate this important business evolution through the colorful history of the creation, growth and destruction of the world's seventh largest advertising agency from its amusing on-the-cuff founding through the mega-agency pig-out of the last 20 years. But Wait!, populated with a wide swath of habitu├ęs of the advertising and corporate world, tells through a fast moving narrative and a series of contemporary Conversations in famous and not-so famous Adland watering holes about what went well (great advertising), what went wrong (business judgment), and what went (advertising competence); addresses a major business upheaval that is profoundly affecting business, government and the core nature of mass communication; makes clear the need for a new business model, and explores eight possibilities (some good, some not). There are also "Lessons for the Model Ad Agency CEO" should any survive. Conclusion: Madison Avenue can be great again. (maybe)

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