Time Book 6: Ice Time

Publisher : Lulu.com

ISBN-13 : 1387867660

Page : 482 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 660 voters

ÒYouÕve never been here before?Ó Wanekia asked. ÒNo, Ó Chloe said. ÒYour father wonÕt fly. He never even told me about this place until he was delirious after that wound. IÕm glad he did.Ó ÒDo you think weÕll make it?Ó Wanekia asked, obviously scared. ÒDo you think theyÕll come after us?Ó ÒWe will make it, even if they do come after us, Wanekia, Ó Chloe said. ÒI donÕt think theyÕll pursue us all the way, anyway. ItÕs a long way to go.Ó ÒIs Father going to be alright?Ó Wanekia asked, looking back at Martin again. ÒYes, of course, Ó Chloe said, not sure of her words. ÒHeÕs been hurt worse before. The skinner is working.Ó ÒIt wonÕt even estimate how long, though, Ó Wanekia said. ÒItÕs done that before, too, Ó Chloe said. ÒHeÕll be fine. We just need to get him someplace safe.Ó ÒWe could have gone back to England, Ó Wanekia said. ÒWe couldnÕt, and you know it, Ó Chloe said. ÒThe way things are going, they could trace us through Time and then weÕd drag the Burnsides into this and theyÕd die. I wonÕt do that."

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