Instructional Design—Step by Step

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN-13 : 1475986726

Page : 566 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 726 voters

Learn a simple, proven, step-by-step method for designing lean, eff ective, and motivational education and training from author Dr. John S. Hoff man, a thirty-year training veteran. A practitioner’s guide geared toward the newcomer to professional instructional design, Instructional Design—Step by Step presents an easy-to-understand process that includes these features: • A primer on understanding how humans learn and the twelve principles of adult learning • Ten key teaching principles and twenty common training mistakes • Instruction on how to design computer application training complete with numerous examples illustrating new concepts and techniques • Simple principles and practical advice laid out in bulleted lists and tables that can be immediately applied to training projects • Follow-up questions at the end of every chapter with answers to test understanding of key concepts • A broad range of examples across subject areas gathered by assessing real-life situations • Sidebars containing recommendations for further reading • A bibliography and extensive index for locating specific information Instructional Design—Step by Step and its companion volume, Instructional Development—Step by Step, provide a complete A-to-Z guide on how to design and develop instructional and educational materials—from short presentations to entire courses and curricula.

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