Supporting Learning Flow Through Integrative Technologies

Publisher : IOS Press

ISBN-13 : 1586037978

Page : 665 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 978 voters

"Supporting Learning Flow through Integrative Technologies contains a broad range of issues related to using information technology for learning. The title of this book indicates a move from local support of specific learning activities towards supporting learning and teaching processes in a broader context beyond single tools and individual users, considering user/learner groups on different levels of granularity as well as inter-operability mechanisms on the system level. The value of integration is primarily characterized by improving the richness and directness of educational interactions. The integration of interactive media and of learning processes can support a smooth and seamless information flow in and between different learning settings. Ubiquitous computing technologies with smart objects and non-standard peripherals allow for flexibly embedding support technologies in adequate physical settings and enable the integration of physical and digital support. Similarly, mobile technologies open up new possibilities for integrating learning activities between formal and informal settings. Featured themes of the book are: Computer-supported collaborative learning; Adaptive interaction; Teacher education; Specific learning technologies; Assessment and evaluation; Learning management and organization; Learning platforms and architectures; Scaffolding and reflection; Knowledge management; Specific learning technologies; Learning games; Writing skills; Authoring; Learning science; Media-enhanced interaction; Mobile and ubiquitous learning; Learning with hand-held devices; Programming; and Language learning."

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