Little Black Book of Dog Jokes

Publisher : Peter Pauper Press, Inc.

ISBN-13 : 1441300260

Page : pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 260 voters

Besides being man's best friends, our canine companions turn out to be some of the world's best comedians, from puppy antics that convulse us into giggles, to the pranks of older furry friends that keep us chortling at life's follies. Here is a compact treasury of canine humor that simply takes the biscuit. Packed with dog jokes, dog riddles (''What has four legs and one arm? A happy pit bull''), quips and quotes (''Never moon a werewolf''),''dogma,'' doggerel, and much more, such as dog license errors (''Alaskan Malibu,'' ''Borderline Collie''), it's guaranteed to have you howling with laughter. Note: Some ''mature'' (actually immature) content.

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