Losing America

Publisher : Dorrance Publishing

ISBN-13 : 1637643489

Page : 152 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 489 voters

Losing America: Our National Crisis of Legalities vs. Justice How Our Own Laws Are Killing America: By: Imm d'Ceaze Losing America: Our National Crisis of Legalities vs. Justice was written in the last half of 2020 through the first two months of 2021, when the Chinese virus pandemic was rampant and began affecting the entire world, while it destroyed our people and our economy. It includes some thoughts and realities about our past, present, and possible future political history, due to the dramatic change in our leadership from staunchly Conservative to dangerously Socialist. Burning issues written here are from the perspective of the fiercely patriotic and aging author from his personal accounts and countless news and television broadcasts that starkly indicate that this country has been sliding into a leftist Socialism for decades. Now we are at a pivotal moment in history where we need to fight back or lose our country, its prominence in history, and its light to the rest of the world. To many astute readers, some ideas here might seem raw, radical, and disturbing. So be it.

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