One Health Case Studies

Publisher : 5m Books Ltd

ISBN-13 : 1910455873

Page : 418 pages

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'One Health' refers to an interdisciplinary approach to solving complex problems at the interface of human and animal health and the wider ecosystem. It represents an integrated and collaborative approach and addresses diverse issues, such as the detection and management of emerging and re-emerging infectious and non-infectious diseases, food and water security, food hygiene, and global trade. Many complex problems that we currently face must consider anthropogenic factors as well as climate change, environmental impact, international collaboration, tourism, the human-animal bond, economics, plant health, and a myriad of other factors. This book discusses complex concepts in One Health, such as preparedness planning, national level governance, inter-agency co-operation, climate change, human activity in sensitive ecosystems, the global food trade and food safety, antimicrobial resistance, surveillance, and communication from policy level to practical application. The book uses real-world case studies from different geographical regions, ranging from Asia to the Arctic, different environments from the jungle to the oceans, and different species including bees, fish, domestic and wild animals and humans. The cases are prepared by experts with a diverse range of experience and provide a unique and fascinating on-the-ground approach to One Health topics in practice. One Health Case Studies is an ideal resource for students and practitioners in veterinary medicine, human medicine, public health, agriculture, wildlife management, ecosystem health, and environmental management. *** "The book contains an outstanding compilation of examples of one health in action, and it may very well become the definitive textbook for learning and teaching the one-heath concept. ...well referenced and has extensive graphics to help illustrate one-health concepts in action. It is an insightful, thought-provoking, and comprehensive piece of work that is well worth the price for any medical professional." --Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Vol. 250, No. 12, June 2017 [Subject: Health Policy, Public Policy, Environmental Studies]

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