Slay the Dragon

Publisher : Made For Success Publishing

ISBN-13 : 1613398808

Page : pages

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Success is your birthright. Progress is your natural way of being. Expansion is how you were designed. If life has beaten you down and you, like me, have some inner demons, this book will help you slay the Dragons of Sabotage and get on with creating your best life. When you can identify and slay the 5 Dragons of Self-Sabotage, you release an inner power that will excite and delight you. There is harmony within. You feel a divine guidance over your life. You have a profound sense of clarity and just know what to do to achieve your goals. My intention with this message is to teach you a simple, yet profound process to break through self-sabotage. Through the disciplines of psychology, neurology, and theology, you’ll learn how to: Re-create your Self-View and discover new levels of confidence and contributionTransform your circumstances into the driving force that fuels youBreak through fear of failure and success to become a blessing to others Create clarity to stop procrastination and make you unstoppableRelease control and tap into unrealized and unlimited potentialManage your emotions and learn how to discipline your thoughts. Experiencing the life you really want is that simple. But make no mistake; it isn’t easy. You’ll work harder on yourself than you ever have. You‘ve got to be willing to do the inner work to BECOME what you want before you can experience it. Through this process, you will become a Dragon Slayer.

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