The Ultimate Coaching Guide

Publisher : Notion Press

ISBN-13 : 164983943X

Page : 328 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 43X voters

“Truly the ultimate guide for a coach! This book is a must-read for all coaches – whether they are starting out or are well-entrenched. With all my years in coaching, I still discovered new insights!” Michael Beale, NLP Coach and Trainer. Coaching can be transformational or simply transactional. If you truly want to transform lives, then this book is a must-read. Coaching is far more than a job – it is a mission. Transformational coaches focus on their self-development as much as they do on the development of their clients. All coaches need to be aware of the different coaching frameworks, paradigms, and tools used by master-coaches world over. In five straightforward sections, this book guides you through the steps you need to achieve optimal success as a coach: • Section I: The ABCs of Coaching • Section II: Coaching Frameworks, Models and Tools • Section III: Case Studies • Section IV: The Business of Coaching • Section V: Resources It is an extensively researched overview of the latest developments in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology, among many coaching frameworks. If you are new to coaching, you will find out how to start your coaching business. If you are a seasoned professional, you will learn how to strengthen your practice. This book also offers coaching insights in the post-pandemic era.

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