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Bill Wilson studied in a number of fields including civil engineering, theology, philosophy, organisation theory, behavioural science and education.He has practiced professionally as a civil engineer; an ordained clergyman; a lecturer in adult higher education; and finally as a Principal of a Further and Higher Education College. Bill believes that all human beings behave and find fulfilment consistent with their inner 'world-view', that is, what we believe about the meaning and purpose of life and any 'god' who oversees it all. His early 'world-view' was that of classical Protestantism. But as his education developed and he engaged with the wider world he became unhappy with the expressions of faith passed down in the creedal formulations of the Church in favour of the bottom-up enquiry of ordinary people. For Bill, meaningful religion must address the issues on the minds of the population today, people who live in a rapidly changing world, rather than those living in the fixed static world of yesterday.

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