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As a youth born and raised in Jamaica and through some African history we were taught in school, we acquired very little knowledge of the history of black nations. I also learned and accepted a Christ-like way of life which, up to this present time, remains the major force in my life on this planet and has also given me a great feeling of passion for all people. We were financially poor but always had plenty of food and drink. As a country boy, when I left school I had no real concept of time but was acutely aware of day and night. We did not know anything about slavery but one of the homes in which I was brought up was one of many slavery camps. Some of the chains that were used to bind young children to their parents whilst they were working on the plantations later became our childhood toys. The manner in which many of us were chastised was an indication of the upbringing that our parents were handing down to us because they knew of no other way.

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