Whisper of the Muse

Publisher : Getty Publications

ISBN-13 : 0892360887

Page : 103 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 887 voters

In this lavishly illustrated publication, Mike Weaver discusses the work of Julia Margaret Cameron, an English photographer known for her painterly approach to her subjects. Weaver’s essay analyzes Mrs. Cameron’s approach to photography as evidenced in the Overstone Album, a collection of 109 of her albumen prints. These prints, which were made between January 1864 and July 1865, were divided into three categories—“Portraits,” “Madonna Groups,” and “Fancy Subjects for Pictorial Effect”—with annotations by Mrs. Cameron about the images and where they were made. Weaver provides invaluable insight into Mrs. Cameron’s life and art and identifies her many sources and concerns, both secular and religious. The Museum’s Department of Photographs displays selections from its collections on a rotating basis.

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